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Helping decision makers make better and more informed decisions.


Change is the only constant you can depend on in business, so the way you handle it is important. Our business advisors are particularly adept at helping you make good decisions during times of change. 


Our business and financial acumen pinpoints the right solution to help you achieve measurable results.





Providing computer system installation and support and executing steps to improve productivity that assist with the financial operations of the organization.


Whether it be an operational review and improvement study, analysis of the current accounting system or strategies for streamlining and organizing information, we deliver independent, detailed consulting to improve and expidite existing financial systems.




Assessments, interviews and other inquiries to properly ascertain areas where financial practices can be improved.


Development of processes, procedures and models that can be applied to properly control and manage financial and operational activities.

We understand success is driven by innovative thinking and entrepreneurship.


Using a powerful combination of technical expertise, creative thinking, and plain old business know-how, 

JKC | Consultants can offer practical, real-world solutions. 


Our goal is to understand your needs and provide solutions that achieve results!

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